Join us for the Inaugural Northwest Robotics Symposium

This inaugural symposium aims to make up for two-plus years of missed in-person networking as a result of the pandemic. Students, postdocs, industry researchers, and faculty are all encouraged to participate. The event is free.

The symposium will be an all-day affair featuring invited short talks, posters, and social events.

Happening May 13th at UW.

Paper on a 'Wandering' Kuri Deployment to Appear at HRI 2022

We needed to put a Mayfield Kuri into the halls of our building for a study, but it turned out to be no small feat. We settled on a system that had the robot roam around and occasionally ping us for help when it needed to charge. It’s a pattern to consider if you find yourself wanting to run a user study with a robot that can’t navigate autonomously. Check out the paper, and don’t miss the demo on the project page.

The video we made for HRI 2022, which was virtual once again.

Papers on Influencing Behavioral Attributions and Generating Backchannels to Appear at CoRL

To appear as posters at the Conference on Robot Learning in November (virtually, I would guess):

New Robotics Course Materials

The four course assignments trace the steps necessary to get a mobile robot that can localize, generate motion plans, and robustly execute them.

I helped put on UW’s undergrad robotics class this spring, working as one of several TAs to revamp the course projects for a fully virtual, simulation-only format. Thanks to the incredible platform and software work from the MuSHR team, we were able to create a buttery experience. I don’t know of any other educational stack that provides high-quality tests and scaffolding that can guide students in implementing a particle filter, controller and planner for a mobile robot—using ROS Noetic and Python 3, no less. All on top of a simulator that’s lightweight enough to run smoothly in an Ubuntu VM on just about any laptop. I think the materials and approach here should be the starting place for any class that’s trying to get students familiar with the important ideas in autonomous robotics and robot software.